The Digital Age by Barbara Flood

The Digital Age by Barbara Flood

The Digital Age

As I don’t embrace the digital age and now accept the fact that I am technologically challenged, I have no hesitation in fostering the great art of the written word in the form of the old-fashioned letter writing.

This love of letter writing was rekindled for me when I discovered an old letter that my son wrote when he went to work in the US for a summer some time back.  The emotional joy and recapturing of his thoughts on being away from home revealed to me how precious a letter can be.   Social Media will never create any form of contact as intrinsic and unique as a letter.  Although fewer people practice this craft now, many still cling to the romance a good old-fashioned letter promises.  To check the letter box now and find. amid the bills and business letters, a handwritten white Basildon Bond envelope can cause a second glance.  We all know the joy our parents got when they received a letter from their children, being the only means of communication then.

When talking of letter-writing, the great Packie Bonner comes to mind, not because of the famous goal he saved, but because he was so homesick when he went to England first, he wrote many letters a week to family and friends in the hope of receiving as many back!  Apart from personal details in our letters, we know that the right word at the right time can inspire, not only the recipient of our letters but the whole nation.

Holding pride of place in one of our art galleries is “Lady writing letter with her maid” by Vermeer.  Remember no technology allowed here!


Barbara Flood 


Barbara Flood is a member of, and Treasurer of, Boyne Writers Group.

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