2 Poems by Frank Murphy

2 Poems by Frank Murphy



I swear another age

Of this reason

Will see the end

Of us,


The soothsayers will be there

On the last night,

Clutching a copy of

Dead Certainty.

The proofs outweighing

The process they



While the arbiters

Of right and wrong



Their purse strings

Around our necks

On the promise

Of a new order

Witch Hunting.


And all you can hope for

Is that they’ll burn

Themselves out,


And you don’t get caught

On the wrong


Frank Murphy



Notice Given


The Y-Detector vans

Were out last night

Checking for spectacles,


Drag Hunting

Some redundant feature

Out on a limb

Whose time was up

Hugging the curves,


Stretching the best of them

Fit for anything

When the x-rays

Picked him up

Running on empty.


All over them he was

Genes in tatters

Privates biting the hand

That fed them.


A close shave

And a pair of high heels

And he could have

Made it.


But they had him

In the end!

Frank Murphy

Frank Murphy is the editor of The Meath Writers’ Circle Annual Magazine. He was the winner of The Jonathan Swift Creative Writing Award for Poetry 2009. Most recently, his work was shortlisted at Listowel, Swords, and  in The Jonathan Swift Awards 2017 for poetry and prose.  He has a poem submitted for SiarScéal Exhibition – Beneath Western Skies – October 2018.

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